Dice Derbi

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  • 2-12 Players
  • 15 - 30 Min Playing Time
  • Age: 11+
  • Designer Bryce McNalley
Dice Derbi is a game in which two players/teams roll dice into a target area and score points based on the roll and where it lands.  The game is fashioned around a theme of fishing, and the targets are based on fishing spots like "The Sandbar", "The Drop-Off", "The Weedbed" and "The Honey Hole".
Players alternate throwing the dice onto the board.  Points are based on what you roll and where you roll it.  You receive x1 your roll if you land in the sandbar.  You receive x3 your roll if you land in the drop-off.  You receive x5 your roll if you land in the honey hole.
There are two play modes, Derbi Mode and Adventure Mode.  In Derbi Mode you receive cards when you roll a "1" and you can use these cards to boost your team's abilities, or thwart the other team. The first team to 200 points is the victor. In adventure mode, you simply play 10 rounds and whoever has the most points wins.
Dice Derbi was created in Spruce Grove AB by Bryce McNalley.  Elements Games Collectibles and Apparel is pleased to team up with Bryce in distributing his product!  Dice Derbi is a great game for all ages and has long-lasting appeal.